Gene Genius by Dr Margaret Smith

Gene Genius by Dr Margaret Smith

Gene Genius Understand your DNA and create your own genetic roadmap to health and happiness by Dr Margaret Smith with Sue Williams.

Gene Genius helps to answer the questions like why two people can follow a diet together yet one losses weigh faster or why some some people thrive on taking risks where others don’t? The answer appears to lie in our genes.

Gene Genius is highly recommended reading for anyone considering genetic testing and interested in general health and well being. The author, Dr Margaret Smith is a leading Australian genetic scientist with a wonderful way of explaining the complexities of DNA and genetic inheritance.

This emerging area of science is now shedding light on how your mental and physical health is influenced by your genes and how you can make informed decisions about the best path for a healthier you.

Gene Genius has suggestions for how to deal with problematic genetic inheritance, such as heart disease, weight gain, mental illness, stress, cancer, diabetes, drug or alcohol dependencies and much more.

Genetic testing is now widely available and can be easy as taking a saliva sample and posting to a lab. Dr Margaret Smith suggests how to approach genetic testing and recommends a genetic counsellor to anyone considering genetic testing. Gene Genius helps you decipher the results and provides the information that can help frame your results.

With genetic testing everyone now has the power to make informed choices about your health and well-being by working with your genes to live your best life possible.

Gene Genius book has a 4 star rating. A complex subject matter explained simply.

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